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Special Cable for Wind Turbine

Model: VDE Ho7bq
Application: Wind Turbine.
Voltage: Low and Medium Voltage Cable
Current: DC & AC
Insulation Material: Rubber
Sheath Material: CPE/TPU/Silicon Rubber
Rated Voltage: 1.8/3kv
Number of Cores: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-36 Core
Specification: 1-400mm²
Transport Package: Wooden/Steel Drum or as Specified
Origin: Sichuan, China
  • Special Cable for Wind Turbine

  • Black Elephant / Customizable


Wind turbines special cable (wind power cable), in addition to meet the performance of the ordinary cable, also must satisfy the basic requirement of small bending radius, frequent torsion, because of the wind power cable is multi-purpose in climatic conditions is relatively poor areas, generally use in China's northern region, the climate is cold, and the larger temperature difference between day and night, Therefore, wind power cables must also meet the operating conditions of -45ºC ~ +50ºC and -40ºC ~ +50ºC. Since the beginning of 2005, our company has been committed to the research of special cable technology for wind turbine. Referring to the German DIN VDE standard, we have optimized the structure design of special cable for wind turbine, and selected the best insulation and sheath materials in the world, and the performance of the cable has reached the international top level. Special cables for wind turbines are divided into power cables and control cables. The advantages of cables are as follows:  

1, it has good low temperature resistance and wear resistance, as well as fatigue resistance, weather aging resistance, microbial resistance, and has very good corrosion resistance to oil and chemicals. Ordinary cables do not have wear resistance and corrosion resistance.  

2, torsion resistance and bending performance is good: the finished cable in the -40ºC low temperature environment, can withstand the positive and negative four into one, the torsion Angle is 360°, the number of not less than 3000 times of torsion performance test, the cable test after the conductor does not break, no cracks on the surface of the sheath. Ordinary cables are not suitable for twisting at low temperatures.  

Fdz-yeyh Wind power cable  

3, applicable ambient temperature -45ºC ~ +110ºC, operating temperature is -40ºC ~ +110ºC. Common cable operating temperature is 0 ° C to 70 ° C. Fdz-yeyh Wind power cable  

4, the cable laying temperature is not less than -30ºC, ordinary cable laying temperature is not less than 0ºC;  

(1) Metal coated fiber: aluminum coated fiber can withstand the stress of 1Gpa(150kpSi), immersed in water experiment, use at 350ºC temperature, life in more than 10 years.  

(2) Metal oxide and other inorganic coated fiber: C4H10 and SiH4 deposited on the fiber surface into si0.2O0.22C0.77 sealing coating, and coated with agricultural production system layer, fiber N value can reach 256.  

(3) Using boron nitride as the sealing coating of the optical fiber: can withstand 200kpSi tension, n value can be increased to more than 100. Another example is the TIC sealed fiber covered with 400 ~ 500kpSi strength, can withstand 100ºC water.  

(4) Amorphous carbon sealing coated fiber: in inorganic coating materials, amorphous carbon coating not only has little damage to the optical properties and mechanical strength of the fiber, but also shows good water resistance and hydrogen resistance. The technology is already on its way to industrial production. The typical tensile strength of this fiber has reached 500 ~ 600kpsi and the dynamic n value is 350 ~ 1000. 

After 25 years at room temperature, the amount of hydrogen seeped into the carbon-sealed fiber was only 1/10,000 of that of the conventional fiber. In optical cables, the permissible hydrogen pressure of such fibers is 100 times higher than that of ordinary optical fibers. This fiber can be used to reduce cable forming conditions appropriately or at higher temperatures.  


Suitable for impeller of wind turbine and systematic electric transmission lines of fixed tower installation or other similar twisting occasions of rated up to and including 1.8/3KV.

Environmental Conditions

1) Rated voltage U0/U is 450/750v,0.6/1kv,1.8/3kv.

2) The permitted continuous operating temperatures are as follows

70ºC for rated voltage 450/750v

90ºC for rated voltage 0.6/1kv and 1.8/3kv

3) The minimal bending radius of the cable shall be 5 times of the cable's outer diameter.

4) The lowest ambient temperature suitable for cables

-25ºC for normal type
-40ºC for cold-resistant type
-55ºC for chilliness resistant type

Place of Origin
Sichuan, China
Brand Name
Black Elephant
ERP or Silicon Rubber
Sheathed /Jacket CPE/TPU/Silicon Rubber
Suitable for impeller of wind turbine and systematic electric transmission lines of fixed tower installation or other      similar twisting occasions of rated up to and including 1.8/3KV.
Conductor Material
Product Name
 Special Cable for Wind Turbine
Rated voltage
Nominal Cross-section
 Corrosion Stability Excellent

Cable of wind turbine 36-1

Internal structure of wind turbine19

Wind turbine wire27(2)

Wind turbine wire29




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